Chamisa School of Driving is a family owned business, with schools in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Española. We have been making New Mexico a safer place to drive for over 30 years!

Our Albuquerque school is located at Coors & Tower in Chavez Plaza (just south of Tower). 

We serve students from area high schools, as well as adult drivers who have relocated to New Mexico from other states, and other countries. ¡Hablamos Español!

To begin the registration process, call or email us! We'll be glad to send you a copy of our registration form.

Students need to be 15 years of age to take the class.

We're fully certified and credentialed with the state of New Mexico.  ALL of Chamisa's instructors are certified teachers with the New Mexico Public Education Department.

The course fee includes tax and BOTH MVD exams. We are certified to do MVD Written (Computer) and Road Exams. These exams are included in our course!

When you compare us to other DE Schools, inquire about the exams!  Don't be fooled by so-called "buddy plans"; most schools charge additional fees for MVD exams and tax, raising the cost significantly above the 'first impression'.

We chose to be transparent... our course fee includes tax AND BOTH MVD exams.  Birth certificate and social security card are needed at registration. No social security number? No problem, call us and we can give you the details on how to obtain a Standard Driver's License.

We hope this has answered most of your questions! And yes…. You can pay in payments, a minimum of $160 is required to start the course, just keep in mind that we are not allowed to give any MVD exams until the balance is paid in full. We accept credit/debit card and over the phone payments (just be aware that there is a service fee).

Note: We provide MVD Road Exams and MVD Written (Computer) Exams, for non Chamisa School of Driving students & to the general public.  Call us to make an appointment!