How old do you need to be to take Driver's Education?

Students need to be 15 years old or turning 15 while taking Driver's Education.

How do I get another copy of a GDL driving log?

Click on the image to the right and download a pdf.

What do I need for registration? 

Students need to bring their birth certificate, social security card, form of payment and a notebook/paper, pen/pencil to take notes with. Once we finish registering everyone, the course begins!

Are we able to pay in payments?

You can start the course with $150, and make payments as you take the course.  Just keep in mind, we are NOT allowed to do any MVD testing until the balance is paid in full.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, money orders, checks, debit and credit cards.

If I didn't take Driver's Education at Chamisa, can I take the MVD road test @ Chamisa?

Absolutely! We are an MVD testing site. We can schedule you for MVD testing,  just give us a call!

During the day, no one seems to answer the phone regularly or be at the Driving School. Why is that?

This is what makes us OUT PERFORM other driving schools! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US is a teacher licensed by NMPED, with degrees! Always leave a message and we guarantee a call back within 24 hours. Or send us an email through our website. 

I am an adult (over 18 years old) and wanting to get my driver's license. Can I get the MVD testing done at Chamisa? 

Absolutely! Call us for any questions you may have regarding the process for getting your driver's license, and setting up an appointment for testing.